AMP / APCM 2020 Protocol

With regard to the Annual Meeting of Parishioners and St Mary’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) 2020 which will be held in church at 7:30pm on Wednesday 14th October the PCC has resolved the following protocol:

  • The meetings will be held with the necessary social distancing in place.
  • All attendees need to register on entry.
  • There will also be the option to attend on Zoom however all attendees need to register their intention to attend by emailing before 4pm on the day of the meeting to receive the joining instructions and for the names of attendees to be noted.
  • Only those on the Electoral Roll can vote at the APCM.
  • In the case of a vote being required a show of hands will usually be sufficient.
  • If a “secret” ballot is required for any reason you will be asked to immediately email from your recognised email address (as used to register your attendance). Your electronic vote will be confidential to the PCC secretary only.
  • It is intended that the outcome of a “secret” ballot will be made known before the end of the meeting.
  • In the case of any Wi-Fi failure, individual or in church, the meeting will continue with those attendees available in church or still online.

If anyone wishes to have a trial Zoom meeting before then please contact Beth on