Music Scheme

Music Scheme for March 2020 Music Scheme for March

Sunday 1st March– The First Sunday in Lent

10.45 Parish Communion
1 121 Forty days and forty nights
2 116 Be thou my guardian
3 128 Jesu, lover of my soul (Aberystwyth)
4 702 Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us

Sanctus Benedictus

Introit If ye love me Tallis
Anthems O for a closer walk with God Stanford
Blessing The Lord Bless you and Keep You Higginson

18.00 Evensong
1 763 Praise to the holiest (Gerontius)
2 127 Lord Jesus think on me
3 595 Be thou my vision
4 149 O love, how deep, how broad, how high
Psalm 50 v 1-15

Sunday 8th March – The Second Sunday in Lent

10.45 Holy Communion
1 4 New every morning is the love
2 632 Fill thou my life
3 675 Immortal love for ever full
4 755 Oft in danger, oft in woe

Sanctus Benedictus

Introit Lord for thy tender mercy’s sake Farrant
Anthems God so loved the world Stainer
Blessing Irish Blessing Chilcott

18.00 Holy Communion with LOOH
1 754 O worship the King vv1,2,4,5&6
2 669 I heard the voice of Jesus say
3 806 There’s a wideness in God’s mercy
4 709 Light of the minds that know Him

Sanctus Benedictus

Introit Teach me thy way Fox
Anthems Lead me Lord Wesley
Blessing Guatemalen Blessing

Sunday 15th March – The Third Sunday in Lent

10.45 Parish Communion
1 641 Glorious things of thee are spoken v 1,2 &4 (Austria)
2 119 Forgive our sins (Stracathro)
3 544 Morning glory, starlit sky (Song 13)
4 652 Guide Me, O thou great redeemer

Sanctus Benedictus

Introit Hide not thou thy face Farrant
Anthems Holy Spirit, truth divine Carter
Blessing May the peace of God the Father Harper

18.00 Evensong
1 780 Soldiers of Christ arise (From strength to strength)
2 629 Father hear the prayer we offer (Sussex)
3 664 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
4 584 All my hope on God is founded
Psalm 40

Sunday 22nd March – The Fourth Sunday in Lent
Mothering Sunday

10.45 Parish Communion
1 138 Our Father God in heaven
2 137 God of Eve and God of Mary
3 315 Sing we of the blessed mother
4 704 Let all the world in every corner sing

Sanctus Benedictus

Introit Call to Remembrance Farrant
Anthems Now thank we all our God Bach
Blessing The Lord bless you and keep you Rutter

18.00 Evensong
1 696 Jesus where’er thy people meet
2 681 In heavenly love abiding
3 144 How deep the Father’s love for us
4 588 And can it be that I should gain
Psalm 31

Sunday 29th March – The Fifth Sunday of Lent (Passiontide begins)

10.45 Parish Communion
1 610 Christ is the world’s true light
2 236 Breathe on me breath of God
3 238 Come down O love divine
4 742 O for a thousand tongues to sing

Sanctus Benedictus
Introit O Lord increase our faith Loosemore
Anthems God so loved the world Chilcott
Blessing Guatemalen Blessing

18.00 Said Compline