What to Expect

What is St Mary’s Nantwich like?

Each of us is made in God’s own image – unique and beautiful; valued and loved. All different. At St Mary’s we do our best to reflect this by helping everyone to connect with God in the best way for them.

One of the ways we do this is by offering a variety of services throughout the week, from traditional Book of Common Prayer services to more laid-back informal worship. This means as many people as possible have a time and place where they ‘feel at home’ and connect with God in their own way.

There is no reason why you should only attend one type of service – you may find things in different services which help you at different times in your journey with God. Look at our Service Times and perhaps Frequently Asked Questions to see which services might be for you.


What kind of people go to St Mary’s?


People of all ages and backgrounds come to our services and are involved in its life. Some of us are quite a lot like you; others are not. You may already know some of us without realising it.

We don’t all agree about everything, especially about church and Christianity but we accept each other lovingly as fellow travellers.

Why do people go to St Mary’s?

We have all sorts of reasons for going to church – music, friendship, enlightenment, comfort – but basically life and the Christian faith are too difficult to do alone. Since New Testament times, Christians have gathered together to share worship, prayer, fellowship and communion just as Jesus did with his friends and followers.

At St Mary’s we all do our best to connect in our own individual way with God through Jesus. At the same time we share with each other a great desire and need to:

• Worship God together, in times of doubt and confidence
• Explore our faith seriously together, through study and prayer
• Support and help each other in our faith and lives
• Live out our faith in our lives by serving each other, our community and the world


Will I be welcome at St Mary’s?

At St Mary’s we welcome everyone. We know that we all have doubts, are vulnerable or imperfect, or are just searching. God loves each of us and wants us to be the best version of ourselves possible. But we know we need help and love from God and each other to do this, so we strive to be a welcoming and inclusive Christian community.

We would love to help you on your journey to God but we also need you to help us on ours. Please come just as you are, bring your questions, your hopes, your doubts and your wonderful gifts – share them with us.

How can church help me?

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Church gives you perspective on your daily life, a framework to live it by and the strength to do it (a relationship with God). It gives you the chance to say ‘thank you’ for life’s everyday joys.
It helps you celebrate those great moments in life such as baptism, weddings & funerals and the wonderful festivals of Christmas and Easter.

If we need help, going to church does not magic away the problems and pain of our lives but it does provide support and comfort through friendship, prayer, shared worship and private reflection as well practical help and guidance.

It assures you that you are not on your own in life, whether that be at moments of celebration, or times of confusion and darkness – God is always with you.

Come and share the journey with us.