Sermon – 4th of Easter 2019, 10.45am

Radio Stoke, 4th of Easter, May 12th 2019

Preached by Bernard Moss at the 10.45 service


Humpty dumpty sat on a wall

 Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

 And all the kings horses and all the kings men

Couldn’t put humpty together again


Aaah… what a shame – wouldn’t it be good if that could happen!!


But we live in a broken world – we live in a world where not only things but people can and do          break,

where relationships falter and disintegrate – where our physical and mental wellbeing can so easily slip  from our grasp

We live in a broken world where communities and even nations can break each other – where terrorism and poverty can shatter the lives of innocent men women and children

We live indeed in a broken and hurting world


And we won’t get anywhere near understanding what the

Christian faith is all about unless we start from that deeply disturbing truth about ourselves.. about our hurts and brokenness.


We have the Cross as the  symbol of our faith ..a stark ugly reminder of what human beings can do to each other, at times trampling goodness under foot. If you think about it, the Easter story is a bit of


an emotional roller coaster…. There are   high hopes and  bitter betrayals…  political jiggery pokery -….. post-truth wheeling and dealing…all linked to  the matter-of-fact brutality of flesh-piercing nails, getting rid of yet another trouble maker

Oh yes…Evil and normality walked hand in hand as crucified victims breathed their last

And then !

Who would have thought – yes who would have thought that within days the symbol of the cross would begin to speak to the very soul of humanity… that the symbol of the cross would be held up not as a sign of  defeat but as God’s answer to evil, and a way of dealing with it

the day of resurrection was and still  is as fundamental as that.



And it’s important to realise that this was not a case of humpty dumpty somehow being magically put together again in ways that all the kings men couldn’t possibly have achieved.  It was not a case that the king of kings used heavenly superglue to stick back together a shattered messiah.


No – it was much more the case ( I know this is no easier to get our heads round now than it was 2000 years ago ) that God was involved and active throughout the whole process – from Good Friday through Holy Saturday and into Easter itself and beyond, even into our present times,  transforming and renewing us.


The early church very quickly came to realise, and to proclaim, that by entering the very worst of our pain, evil and treachery, God in Christ  had been able to transform it – to remove its sting and its power, and to say to  the world I have overcome


OK – I know that this is challenging stuff – we are still immersed in a hurt and hurting world where evil seems at times to have the upper hand – where brokenness has the final say


But do you know what?

The power of love

The power of healing

The power of forgiveness

And the power of hope

have now been grafted and driven deep into the human DNA because of what God in Christ has accomplished. Only a healing God can do what all the kings men failed to achieve.  And so we are always an Easter people and alleluia  is always our song.

Never again can brokenness have the last word.