Home Groups

Home Groups

Home Groups meet fortnightly but the programme also brings them together once a month in the parish hall. One is bound to be at just the right place and time for you.

Most of the Home Groups are now following the ‘Sunday Plus’ structure, whereby the preacher at the 10.45 am Sunday morning service provides notes on the sermon and questions for further discussion.

Anyone interested in joining a home group would be extremely welcome. For contact details of individual home group, or any particular questions, please contact the Church Office.

Monday 8 pm, St Joseph’s Way. Led by Dot Roxby

This group was set up to discuss the issues facing Christians today. Reader Dot Roxby is aided in group leadership by husband Rev Gordon.

Tuesday 7.30 pm, 18 Brereton Drive. Led by Jenny Clews & Nigel Winzer

This group has its origins in the 2005 confirmation and Alpha group of which Jenny was a part. There is discussion and prayer generally followed by a light supper finishing at about 10.00pm. Jenny sees the home group as a really important way of strengthening the church community as much as the faith of members.

Tuesday 8 pm, Rookery Drive. Led by Gill Appleton

Hostess Andrea Howell-Jones explains that this group embraces members of the 9.30 am and 10.45 am as well as other Sunday congregations. She describes the group as ‘lively and always welcoming to newcomers’.

Tuesday 8.30 pm, Passage and a Pint at the Railway Hotel. Led by  Iain Hall

The group that is at home in a pub – a way of witnessing to the Christian faith of its members that is less than usual. There are men and women among the regulars and they enjoy discussions that never fail to be helpful.

Tuesday 1.30 pm, 1 Mount Drive. Led by Sue & John Munks

Wednesday 8 pm, Stapeley. Led by Caroline & Peter Bennett

Hosted by Rachel & Perry Board. A lively group embracing members from both 9.30 am and 10.45 am congregation. We mainly follow the Sunday Plus structure but do occasionally diverge. We see branch groups as a wonderful way of encouraging and supporting each other in our journey of faith, and greatly value the trust and friendship that grows from that. Newcomers welcome!

Thursday 8 pm, North Crofts, Kingsley Fields. Led by Rosemary & Michael Walden