Lent Course 2022

How to Read St Mary’s Church

Please note there are changes to the dates below from what was originally advertised.

What does the building say about God and about us? How can we read the building theologically? What does everything mean? What good news does it tell, as a structure, and in its detail? Why was St Mary’s built this way? How does the building shape the people who worship here? How should we shape it for the future? How can we make it our home today?

Week 1: Tuesday 8th March 2pm or Thursday 3rd March 7.30pm
Week 2: Tuesday 22nd March 2pm or Thursday 31st March 7.30pm
Week 3: Tuesday 29th March 2pm or Thursday 7th April 7.30pm
Week 4: Tuesday 5th April 2pm or Thursday 28th April 7.30pm
Week 5: Tuesday 3rd May 2pm or Thursday 12th May 7.30pm

Week 1 – Rear-View Mirror: Why was St Mary’s built and was it justified?

Week 2 – Wide-Angle Lens: Understanding the setting and structure of St Mary’s

Week 3 – Panoramic Mode: How St Mary’s tells the story of salvation

Week 4 – Close-Up Mode: Contemplating the detail

Week 5 – Eyes Forward: What is the future for St Mary’s?

If you wish to attend, please contact the office, indicating your preference for Tuesday or Thursday: Parish Office 01270 625268 / office@stmarysnantwich.org.uk