Nantwich Choral Society

Nantwich Choral Society was founded in 1972 and started life as a Local Authority evening class. It quickly flourished and became an organisation in its own right shortly thereafter. It has gone from strength to strength ever since and is now one of the largest and most successful amateur choirs in the area with a membership drawn from all over South Cheshire and North Shropshire

The Society is well supported by its loyal audience and by various grant-giving bodies; it is well managed by its committee and numerous ex-officio helpers; and has a sound financial footing. The season runs from September to June and will typically comprise three or four major performances, with a number of smaller events, such as Singing Day, a “Come and Sing” and Carol Singing, also in the calendar (full details are on our “Programme” pages). The society has performed recently at Bunbury Parish Church, St Michael’s Church Coppenhall, Chester Cathedral, Nantwich Civic Hall and the Cathedral St Vincente in Macon France. But our chosen venue is the Parish Church of St Mary at Nantwich. Often described as ‘the Cathedral of South Cheshire’, this fourteenth century gem was considered by Sir John Betjeman to be architecturally one of the most satisfying mediaeval churches in the country. The vast nave, originally designed for public performance, has witnessed many musical offerings in its six hundred year history, and its acoustics are superb. These are some of the reasons that members of the Choral Society, and visiting professionals alike, consider it a privilege to perform at St Mary’s.

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