Christmas Shoebox Collection

“Christmas is coming, and, right now, I think, children need us to be more present for them. Now is the biggest need.” – Dima Nachyna

St. Mary’s Nantwich plan to collect Christmas Shoeboxes again this year. Filled with small gifts and toys they spread the joy of Christmas and show our love for vulnerable children or families. Every Shoebox is important and filled with love. The small things can bring such joy to the children.

Teams4U, based in Wrexham, are heading out in November to take the Shoeboxes

to the Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia and Romania. They are given out via schools, nurseries, hospitals and orphanages.

T4U says “Our aim is that each box is given in relationship with the local community as part of a long-term commitment to these children. Please be a part of this ongoing story that is continuing to impact and change lives by donating a shoebox to this year’s appeal!”

We will collect up the Shoeboxes in the Chancel from Sunday November 5th to Thursday November 16th. 

If you’d like to join in by filling a Shoebox here are some ideas, but first you’ll need a shoebox to cover in jolly Christmas wrapping paper.  They look an exciting sight as they gather in piles in Church, but I guess that is topped by the excitement of their arrival at the destination!  Please include a £3 donation to cover the cost of transport and T4U find it helpful if you can do this online and pop a note in the box to say you’ve done it.

If you’re short of a Shoebox take a look in the Church porch a couple of weeks before the collection starts and I’ll put any spares in there for you to pick up.


Items should be new, however pre-loved items in good condition are fine.

For boys or girls:

Toothbrush & toothpaste, hair accessories/ brush, soap & face cloth, stationery & paper, gloves, hat & scarf, new socks/underwear, a soft toy, game, puzzle, small musical instruments, toy vehicles, small ball, sweets (use by date from June), a photo and message from yourself.

The Home box:

Candles, cooking utensils (no knives), plastic containers, tea towels, washing up cloths, hairbrush, small toiletries, bowls & cups, small Christmas decoration, soap, clothes pegs, headscarves, new socks and underwear, jewellery, new makeup.

NO thankyou to: Food (only exception is sweets), medicines, military themed items, aerosols or anything highly flammable, sharp items, novels.

Looking for more ideas? Please visit the T4U YouTube channel to watch videos on packing a Christmas Shoebox.

To know more about T4U, look at the website:

Thank you so much for your support; you do make a difference.

Sue Hutt