Worship Band

The sung worship at the 9.30 service is led by a small band who are responsible for choosing songs as well as then introducing and leading the worship during the service. Jon Griffiths coordinates this most weeks, using the readings to choose songs that should fit with the theme of the service that week. He is ably supported by talented musicians and singers. Emma Kuffour and Richard and Anne Penkethman  bring their singing talents, while additional instruments are provided by Noel Bartlett (guitar), Ginny Lewis (flute), Nigel Phipps (bass guitar), Linda Lewis (keyboard), Jo McCauley (violin). The final member of the band is Paul O’Brien. While you will occasionally see him singing he is more commonly found at the back of the church controlling the sound system and projector! Jon himself leads the singing while playing guitar. When he is unable to be at the service the worship is usually led by Emma.


The band has formed into a small, cohesive unit, rehearsing most weeks and experimenting with new songs. They are all passionate about enabling people to meet with and worship God. In particular they hope to provide an environment where all can encounter God whatever age they may be, and they look to introduce songs which can be accessed by adults and children alike. For many people the sung worship is one of the defining features of the 9.30 service with its mix of all-age, contemporary and traditional songs and hymns. The band are always happy to welcome new singers or musicians and if this interests you then please contact Jon via the Parish Office or grab him at the end of the service.