Julian Meetings


St Mary’s hosts an interdenominational Julian Meeting for contemplative, silent prayer. Contemplative prayer, or Christian meditation, has been part of the Christian experience from the beginning. Jesus spent whole nights alone in prayer. The Desert Fathers and our own Celtic hermits sought places to be alone with God. But for some centuries the Christian churches neglected this most basic form of prayer; it became usual only in monastic communities.

In the 1970’s prayer meetings began to continue this tradition and took their name from Julian of Norwich, a 14th century anchorite.

The meetings take the form of an email sent out to each member to pray individually in their own homes but at the same time, third Thursday of the month, 2pm. However, in Spring 2023 we are also meeting in person in the small Chapel at Hospital St Methodist Church.

Please contact the Parish Office for future dates and venue. Simple guidance on how to enter the      silence is offered if this is something new. The format of the meeting  begins with a short introductory reading, which is followed by 20 or 30 minutes of silence, to enable personal prayer and meditation, and ends by sharing The Grace.

If you are interested just come along. If you like to make contact beforehand call in the Parish Office, ring 01270 625268 or email office@stmarysnantwich.org.uk.

Job said, “Only be silent and let silence be your wisdom”.