Church House, Nantwich (The Parish Hall)

Church House which is also known as the Parish Hall stands in an important public position facing the west end of St Mary’s church. It was built in 1897 and is run by local people acting as a board of trustees, under a trust instituted in 1900.

Church House

Purpose and use
Church House is organisationally separate from St Mary’s. It was created as a centre to serve both the Church and the wider community of Nantwich and has continued to develop, under the trustees’ guidance, as a venue for clubs and groups of many sorts. Currently, over 70 coffee mornings are hosted here annually, plus regular weekly bookings by over 20 different organisations from Girl Guides thro Tai Chi to Ball Room Dancing, plus many one-off events.

The building has two meeting halls, the larger forming the well-lit upstairs which is now served by a lift specially installed for the less able. There is a well-appointed kitchen linked to the downstairs hall. St Mary’s parish office occupies part of the ground floor. Facilities are available for booked use, at modest rates, effectively 7 days a week throughout the year.

Please contact Miriam in the Parish Office on 01270 625268 or email to check availability and rates.